Automatic Doors – Sliding

The automatic sliding door has become an increasingly popular choice of operator due to its hard-working nature, elegant design and ease of use.

Whether a supermarket, hotel reception or school main entrance there are many advantages for using an automatic sliding door, these include: –

  • Creates additional space in congested areas.
  • Enhances the appearance of your entrance.
  • Single slider can have a larger opening than a single swing door.
  • Open doors can be hidden in false walls or pockets.
  • Can be used to create interlocks.
  • Integral locks for extra security.
  • Door settings can allow for pedestrian traffic control.

Sliding doors can be interfaced with existing access control and can become part of your security with its own integral locking system.

With many years’ experience and knowledge in shop front, door frame and door fitting, ProAxs Solutions can design and install a bespoke sliding door solution to suit your budget and requirements, no matter what size and how difficult.

With the onset of BS EN 16005:2012, automatic door installations are now being tested and inspected with greater importance to ensure that all safety devices are present, monitored and functioning correctly and that all installations are recorded in an automatic door log book. Professional Access Solutions ensures that all our automatic sliding door installations conform to the current relevant standards by issuing the end user with a BS EN 16005 log book.

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